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The Angurukaramulla Temple is a place of Buddhist and Hindu worship which is a short way inland from the city of Negombo. It is mostly noted for its Buddha Statue which is over 6m in height and visible from afar.

At the base of the statue is a large dragon head with an open mouth through which the Buduge (Shrine room) is accessible. The outer hallway contains artwork on its walls and ceiling with statues of the Buddha along with other notable characters from Buddhist Literature. Within the inner chamber is the statue of the Sathapena (sleeping) Buddha where devotees can come to place an offering of flowers and spend time in worship.

Once the Shrine room is exited and one walks to the right there is another building which houses images of kings and queens from the Mahavamsa – A historical text containing almost two millennia of ancient Sri Lankan History. However the images and the inside of the building are in a decrepit state.

Towards the back of the temple lies the Sri Siddha Suniyam Devalaya which is a Hindu Temple named after the Sri Lankan deity Sri Siddha Suniyam who is thought to be either Malevolent to good individuals on the bright lunar fortnight and benevolent to evil doers on the dark lunar fortnight.